I found my Foodie soul on Singapore streets

Two months ago I made a quick trip to Singapore and I wasn't expecting much to experience in this trip as it wasn't a vacation but I was wrong. This trip made me realize, every travel, even business travel offers a new and unique experience to a traveler. This time, my trip to Singapore had its own plans to quench my traveler soul’s thirst, I would rather say, Singapore had its own plans to satisfy my traveler soul's hunger. Yes you guessed me right, I am speaking about food .

I landed in Singapore around 9 AM and I took a train (MRT) from airport to Bugis as my hotel (BIG Hotel) was in that area. I was bit early to reach my hotel and my check-in was after 1pm, so I had good 3 hours to kill. I also have a shopaholic soul. The shopaholic soul in me advised that there is nothing like shopping to kill time.

Like a good girl, I took my shopaholic soul’s advise and started walking towards the Bugis market. To my utter dismay, none of the shops were open even though it was already 10 AM.

I was sad and disheartened and could not think of anything else which can kill time. Suddenly I noticed that all the food stalls were open and they were full with customers on a weekday. I just took a stroll in that food stalls and wondered if Singaporeans only live to eat? 

I didn't know that I was being lead into a heaven by my foodie soul. It took a few seconds for me to realize the magic of Singaporean food and I spent good two hours just doing food stall hopping.

After establishing my relationship with food stalls in Bugis, I went on with rest of my day as planned and I reached my hotel room around 7.00 pm and dozed of calling it a good night as I was too tired. I woke up around 2.00 am early morning with hunger pangs.

I couldn't find anything in my hotel’s mini bar which would soothe my hunger pangs and I started craving for a good, proper nourishment for my food strapped stomach. I went down to the hotel’s coffee shop but my tummy simply refused to try out pastries or cakes. My tummy actually gave pangs which literally said,-‘I need something, spicy and masala and very much Indian”.

I just started wondering where do I get something Indian at this hour of the night in an unknown country? But still took a chance and asked hotel receptionist who advised me to go to a place which was just next to my hotel. Entire street was empty but the restaurant next to our hotel was full with customers,though it was ticking ungodly 2.00 am.

Al-Azhar Eating Restaurant  Singapore

The restaurant name is Al-Azhar Eating Restaurant. It looked like an Indian restaurant and I was on cloud nine as I got the right food joint as per my tummy’s demand. Though the Biryani was available, I asked for veg gravy and rotis, the Maitre de realized I am a tourist and advised me to try roti pratas with Indian gravy. I actually thought roti prata is nothing but our Indian bread-'roti' , which has been named in this restaurant as roti pratas by an NRI owner, who must have left his home, generations ago.
Al-Azhar Eating Restaurant Singapore
Sorry for the poor quality pic. I wanted to show how it looked at 2 AM
I was proved wrong, this roti prata, even though it has a Indian touch, it is totally Singaporean all the way. It was as thin as tissue which just melted away in my Indian gravy and also tasted very yummy.

So this restaurant is fusion of Indian and Singaporean food and I am glad I visited this place.

PS-This place is open 24hrs.
Next morning, I was reluctant to have my breakfast with my stomach full after the 2.00 AM soiree.

But again I didn't want to let go my free breakfast included in my hotel room package ( If you are traveler you understand this).  I thought of settling with light breakfast like bread and some spread or toast. In a jam section I saw this amazing, tantalizing coconut jam called “KAYA”. Coconut is an essential ingredient in almost all south Indian authentic food and my South Indian soul suddenly became anxious to  try out Kaya.

Kaya toast

My light breakfast ended up  being heavy breakfast  as I ate too many toasts. Kaya toast became my staple breakfast for next three mornings. 

later I realised that Kaya toast is a staple breakfast  for Singaporeans.

Kaya toast turned out to be my favorite Singaporean food.I also carried a bottle of Kaya with me to  back home.

I spent all my evening in Singapore by exploring Clarke quay. A evening is not well spent without a right cocktail is my mantra and I tried a cocktail called Singapore Sling (Its also a Singaporean national drink).

I tell you all I got so hooked up to that drink, I even picked up a fridge magnet with recipe written on it, so I can try sometime at home.
Singapore Sling (Its also a Singaporean national drink) Recipe

I visited many restaurant in 3 evenings I spent in Singapore and gave a good exercise to my taste buds but there is one restaurant which stole my heart one afternoon. The restaurant is called “Jumbo.’’ 
Jumbo Sea Food Restaurant- Clarke quay

I am a big time sea food fan and this restaurant stole my heart with their Singaporean sea food delicacies. Crab delicacies are the highlight of this restaurant. Eating crab is a messy business, keeping that in mind, restaurant gives you a apron and all the right cutlery set to devour into the appetizing looking crab. I ordered Singaporean Crab Chilli just to try out the fusion of the Asian food with Chinese way of cooking.
Let me be honest with you, the Crab Chilli was absolutely finger licking delicious.

I finally discovered my foodie soul on the streets of Singapore. This country also offers plenty of other cuisines too,I can say,you can experience a food diversity in a Singapore city. So much so that, it turned my work trip into a food and palate show.
Next time if you are in Singapore, check out this website for all your gastronomical needs-http://discover.stayfareast.com/

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