white pants and periods -Tiger Airlines says sanitary napkins don't fall under emergency to stock it on board. #TigerAir

On Tuesday  night I reached Airport with usual excitement I always have before the travelling. This time its Singapore. checked in without  Much of a hassle and got busy with a marathon phone call which ended only after I heard the boarding announcement. Soon after I got into the aircraft I headed towards toilet as my bladder was ready to burst. My travelling excitement was gone with the wind in no minute and had a panic attack because I got my periods...!!!! You are
asking me what's there to get panic for a mere periods which comes every month?..Reason behind panic attack was,  it was an unexpected one, my cycle was way too early this time (I guess my biological cycle is screwed due to travelling), and I was wearing my new white pant which added extra spice to my panic attack . I rushed towards airhostess of tigerAir for a sanitary napkin. She gave me a look and told me on my face that airlines don't keep pads for emergencies. I politely asked her to do something but she was  very insensitive and once again she gave me a lame excuse that airlines don't keep such things, as its something very personal. (don't ask me what does it mean, I m just trying to put her own words here). This made me feel like as if I invited periods on board purposely to try a free sanitary napkin provided by airlines. I was pissed, pointed my white pant and told her in a rude tone that she has no choice other than getting  me a pad and marched towards my seat.(Aircraft. Wasn't taken off yet).As I sat down, it sank into my head that I would be bleeding for next 4 hours with out access to the sanitary pad. Imagination of getting out of the aircraft in Singapore with red painted pants and people giving me weird looks, traumatized me right there. I guess my rude tone earlier with air hostess sent a right Message, she came towards me to tell that she asked  a  ground staff to arrange for the pad but still she can't assure me about getting it as they may need to  take off any moment. This pep talk didn't do any good to my traumatized soul. A man who was sitting infront of me,  over heard the conversation  and gave me a pity look. Two women on other side of my seat also heard my chumming conversation and started giggling. So finally my periods  became public affair because  of  an insensitive air hostess. After a while a man from ground staff got me a pack of sanitary pads and handed over the bill. ( TigerAir -I didn't expected to get Periods on board as if i can't afford pads...remember  I paid hefty money for my tickets ).
Giving me a bill, I took it as an insult. Entire episode made me feel like as if I was faking a periods for  a  free napkins. Traveling is a part of  my life and over the years, I got periods  on board  atleast twice (leaving this  time), and I never  been refused for napkins or got an excuse that  they  don't keep it in aircraft as an emergency. 

QTigerairSG,  When you are not prepared to handle a minor emergency like  a  woman on board  getting unexpected periods, how can we trust  and  travel in your  airlines?? 
When your  staff is not trained to handle a panicked woman with  a minor  issue,  how can a passenger trust your airlines to travel without being worried about anything ?
As far as I understood from what ever your air hostess  said, periods don't fall under emergencies, that shows in-sensitiveness of your  airlines. 
isn't it ridiculous to hear they don't keep  sanitary  napkin where  80-90% of the employs on board are woman??  

I am not interested  in sharing my menstrual cycle  history  in my blog but your airlines made this  personal affair, as public affair by being insensitive.
Your airlines could have handled this situation more wisely. 
Ladies, if you are travelling in #TigerAir, please carry a sanitary napkin / tampons  for emergency as tiger airlines is not prepared for emergencies.
 I understand tigerAir is a low cost carrier but you can't fall this low too. Shame.....
(Ignore the typos, typed this entire post on mobile, will correct it when I've access to my laptop) 

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