Wanderer in Australia

Wanderer in Australia
Sincere apology to all my readers for ignoring this blog for long time. I wanted to update it long back but the visa formalities and planning a trip in short span sucked me out. Though I had lots to write,I couldn't. Its been 2 weeks since I am wandering in Australia. Will update my wandering stories in coming days.

Wanderer in Australia

I will write a detailed post regarding my visa grant journey in one of the coming days.

I booked in Malaysian airlines. The long flight gave me a jet lag. After landing in Melbourne all I did was nursing my jet lag for few days.

Its my 2nd week in Melbourne. I found a cheap accommodation for next one month in Melbourne. I made friends with German and Italian girls who are travelling the country and they are my flat mates here.

My mood swings are better than Melbourne weather swings. Still getting used to the climate here.

So far I haven’t ventured much here, I don’t want to rush as I have lots of time in hand to explore the country.

Hired a car for next one month and I am going to drive around the country and explore being on wheels. Hiring a car is very expensive, but this is what I wanted to do for long time. I will again make a detailed post regarding hiring a car here in Australia in coming days.

I am not a tourist , I am a traveler ...

Happy Wandering

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