HongKong Street Shopping- Mongkok,Ladies Market and Temple Street

Shopping in Hong Kong is fun. Every shopping street gives a different experience. Just name it,Its availble.Cloths to electronics everything available.Original Gucci to the fake prada, all availble in one street.
I stayed close to Times Square which is on west of Causeway bay .
                     HongKong Street Shopping- Mongkok,Ladies Market and Temple Street

HongKong Street Shopping- Mongkok,Ladies Market and Temple Street
Inside Time Square
I started my shopping expedition from Times Square. All I did was just a window shopping till the end of Windsor Plaza at Great George Street in the east of Causeway Bay.
List of shopping malls around here: Hang Lung Centre, Fashion Island, Island Beverly Center, World Trade Center, Jumbo Sogo, Causeway Bay Plaza, Mitsukoshi Shopping Mall, and Lee Gardens.
Jardine's Crescent is a popular open market where you can find trendy cloths and fashion accessories.
Later decided to venture out True Street shopping where I can practice my bargaining skills.
I took a taxi to Mongkok Ladies market. Its a Busiest place on planet. Jam-packed street, closely situated shops, crowded street side stalls makes you get lost in that part of the world.
I wasn’t too happy shopping there; I couldn't find anything interesting.May be I was there on wrong time where stalls went out of stocks. But did some bargain here and there, picked up few things which are not worth mentioning. Bargaining was fun here.

Same day evening I went to Temple a street which is famous for night market. You can find inexpensive Chinese watches, souvenirs, to gift near ones in back home, cheap electronics,fashion accessories, kids and women clothing.
I actually enjoyed the night market and had fun while bargaining with vendors. They called me a shrewd shopper in their broken English. I picked up some cheap Chinese handicrafts and fashion accessories here.
This street’s another attraction is fortune tellers. Few are actually can speak English and I had some fun time with them. My fortune teller told me that I will become a millionaire and I travel a lot. I hope it comes true. Who wouldn’t want money and travel the globe?
You can also find sex toy shops here. I actually peeped inside a shop out of curiosity (I was just curious as I have never been to adult shops) Traveling alone is such a fun.

I visited Stanley market next day but I speak about it in my next post as I have lots to speak about it.


Bargaining lesson from a wanderer:-

Go to any street market in Hong Kong, Once you show a interest on particular item, vendor takes out his/her calculator and gives a serious business look by showing some figure on calculator screen.Dont get panicked and run away.

Vendors always quote high price, then you have to reduce it to at least 50-70% of the quoted price. Vendors say No…just start walking they will start calling you back with your price or something on neutral price.

Happy Wandering

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